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RR Mobiles is an industry leading recycling and waste management company. Our values of innovation, flexibility, integration, and speed help us deal with the challenges that develop from regularly changing conditions in order to bridge the existing gap in the hygiene and waste management industry. We are based in Bengaluru and have established a high level of competence through years of service to this city. If you would like to know about us and have a feel of what we stand for, you can contact us on +917795181877.

Waste that we handle

We can safely handle all the waste that you may think of: plastic, ceramics, tins, metal, paper, and glass. These are all recyclable. Category two includes flammable, toxic, corrosive and reactive. Well, we have the right disposal mechanisms for this. Our main goal is to protect the environment as we make your surroundings neat and safe. On category three we handle food waste and garden waste. With us, you can be assured you are hiring consummate professionals when it comes to both recycling and waste management.

Why choose us

Since day one, we have successfully cultivated a reputation for service delivered with diligence and professionalism. Our clients are happy with our services, because of our qualified staff and the state of the art equipment we use to handle waste. We are flexible and hardworking, to boot. Rest assured, when you hire us, you won’t have any regrets, because we are here for you.


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